Too valuable to catch just once.

Atlantic Bluefin Tuna are a precious, valuable resource, Brought back from the brink once, we need a new, forward thinking approach to how we manage this resource. Find out here the arguments for the Fishery we are calling for, and how to give your support to our Campaign.

Too Valuable To Catch Just Once (pdf)


Please note that UK Fisheries Authorities have stated that in the absence of a Quota, UK Anglers ARE NOT PERMITTED to target Atlantic Bluefin Tuna. Please see our 'useful links' page for more information.  In 9/2017 the UK MMO clarified that Bluefin hooked accidentally by UK anglers in UK waters should NOT be brought aboard vessels.  Some of the fish in the images below were captured before that clarification and some are of fish caught, tagged and released in Mallorca. The images should be viewed in that context.

migration and management, the challenge

Atlantic Bluefin Tuna are one of the great ocean voyagers. From their main Southerly spawning areas, (the Gulf of Mexico and Mediterranean) they undertake long distance migrations late each summer to the food rich northern waters of Nova Scotia, Scandinavia and more recently the Western Waters of the British Isles. Many fish are known to criss cross the Atlantic in these journeys, undertaking some of the longest migrations of any marine species.
This globetrotting behaviour, and their huge potential value makes them a major challenge to manage in a sustainable, equitable way.

In the attached article we take a look at their migrations, their management, and the particular rules relating to the UK and these Iconic fish.

Migration and management (pdf)