Contrary to media myth, the stock of Atlantic Bluefin Tuna has recovered sharply over the last 10 years, driven by an effective 15 year recovery plan implemented by the species' governing body, ICCAT. This recovery is a matter of record having been confirmed in multiple rigorous stock assesments and acknowledged by various serious conservation bodies.

Since 2016 Atlantic Bluefin have been regular, seasonal visitors to the Western waters of the UK. 

Our Campaign group, Bluefin Tuna UK, working in collaboration with the Angling Trust, believe we now have a once in a lifetime opportunity to set a new world benchmark in sustainable, economically optimal management of this iconic species. 

The establishment of a licensed, regulated, Live Release Recreational Bluefin fishery could bring huge benefits to Coastal Communities, whilst establishing that there IS a viable alternative to the boom and bust cycle of commercial exploitation of Atlantic Bluefin.

This is a unique opportunity to write the story of the future of Bluefin Tuna in UK waters. Our proposal would set a new benchmark in the enlightened, effective management of this valuable and vulnerable species.

See below for our briefing papers making the case for our proposed fishery.

our campaign briefings

UK Atlantic Bluefin Tuna Briefing Paper - Full (pdf)


Bluefin Tuna In the UK - Two-Page Briefing Note (pdf)


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Bluefin live! Our blog updates cover a wide range of topics and aim to provide the truth about what's happening with Bluefin, as well as frequent updates on our Campaign.

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We are a group who believe passionately that this Iconic fish deserves a new approach to management

Bluefin Tuna UK are a group of individuals and organisations who believe passionately that this Iconic fish needs to be managed in a new, sustainable, economically optimal way. Find out more about who we are here

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A recreational fishery


The management of Atlantic Bluefin is a complex, politicised process.  Check out how they are managed and why the live release recreational fishery we are proposing is the only sensible way forward.

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Amazing Atlantic Bluefin

Atlantic Bluefin Tuna are one of the most amazing creatures swimming in our oceans. These huge beast

From the warm waters of the Med and Gulf of Mexico, to the icy North Atlantic, these amazing fish transit thousands of miles. Growing to over 1,500lb, capable of speeds of up to 45/50mph, they are an amazing feat of fishy nature. Read here about their amazing physiology and recent history in UK waters.

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Here you will find a range of useful links. MMO guidance on the law with regard to fishing for UK Bluefin. Studies on the economic value of recreational fisheries and mortality rates in such fisheries. The Angling Trust's dedicated Bluefin Campaign page, and more.

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